Blog Post 2

Cody S
1 min readFeb 23, 2021


Next, sending kids to failing schools. Currently, the government sends you to whatever school is in your district. This means low poverty areas will be sending otherwise bright and talented to failing schools that cannot adequately teach them and are also significantly dangerous.

This problem could be solved by creating more options.

Schools should all be private schools where any kid is allowed to go owned by private businesses. The government often messes up when creating options for kids like this due to the lack of competition for these types of educations. There is no incentive for teachers to teach well if a good teacher and a bad teacher get paid the same.

Every school becoming privately owned would offer opportunities like rewarding teachers for teaching better, teaching classes students will actually use like finance, mental health awareness, etc. while still keeping the required curriculum we have in place currently, it would just allow more freedom.

Another point I would like to mention is the mental health of students, especially in High School. Recently, the American Psychological Association published an article showing that students in high school currently exhibit more anxiety than 1950 insane asylum patients. This is clearly a problem.

The solution to this issue is showing more awareness towards the mental health of students by offering classes, and frequent checkups on students to make sure they are doing okay.