Blog Post 9 — Special Edition

Cody S
2 min readApr 20, 2021


This Blog Post will entail the joys of not procrastinating. Statistically, procrastinators tend to be more lenient towards their assignments due to the pristine nature them. Most procrastinators won’t do an assignment simply because it’s hard or because it might make them feel stupid.

I assure you this is not why I chose to do this assignment 30 minutes before midterms were submitted. But alas, I continue.

Nowadays in the modern world, we take things we might often not take for granted. Like the ability for modern education with people willing to work with us. Sadly, I was not around during these times so I had no idea I needed to take advantage of these extremely important resources and not procrastinate every single worksheet I had until the very last minute.

Procrastination often comes with a motive according to WebMD, my motive was making sure I had not had any distractions which I clearly had. When I attempted to complete this assignment, I put it off. “Oh, midterms are only submitted in a month, I’ll be FINE” That’s at least what I thought. Did I ever expect myself to lay in this situation? Typing as fast as I could to complete an assignment I actually enjoyed? — No. Yet, here we are.

Procrastination has been rampant in the coming years. Especially with the deals of a worldwide pandemic and loss of motivation. Was it loss of motivation that had stopped me? Probably. Is that to blame for my failure? No. I have no one to blame except myself in this horrid situation.