Blog Post 4

Cody S
2 min readMar 2, 2021


Next, sending kids to failing schools. Currently, the government sends you to whatever school is in your district. This means low poverty areas will be sending otherwise bright and talented to failing schools that cannot adequately teach them and are also significantly dangerous.

This problem could be solved by creating more options. Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs a person could have, yet they’re only paid an annual $34,883 on average according to Niche. Practically everything could be traced back to teachers, everything that a student is legally obligated to learn is important because it teaches them basic fundamental values about learning. It is indicative that they don’t waste it by simply learning anything or destroying their creative ambition due to having a teacher that doesn’t inspire them.

The only way to incentivize teachers to do better is by making better positions towards teachers like higher pay to raise their mood so they don’t reflect a bad mood onto others. Many studies have shown that you mirror the mood of people you talk to.

Teachers should come in with a positive mood by being financially stable and also inspiring so more people can go out into the world happy like them. Teachers have a bigger role than people may think.

School overall can be easily portrayed as very useless due to the fact that it rarely inspires anything in students besides mental health problems, doesn’t train you to work for yourself but work for someone who worked for themselves, not enjoy 40 years of your life until you retire where you will realize there is no happiness after all.

Building this false mindset into kids minds is definitionally evil.